Mark Mahl

Mark Mahl has joined the Rick Hansen Institute within the Strategic Partnerships region. Within his position, he works with a number of distinct partners, such as marketing, foundations, corporations, IT and researchers. Lately Mark Mahl and his father Bruno participated in the Rick Hansen Relay as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations. Mark Mahl has commented ” that this was one of several proudest moments in his life so as to share it along with his now deceased father.”

mark mahlMark Mahl originates from Alberta where he had been the Director of Leadership giving for just two years. Mark Mahl has always tried to do his part, by participating in number of non-profit activities. Mark Mahl took part for 5 years within the MS Bike Tour, putting together a group and privately boosting over $25,000. In the last Alberta ride year, he raised over $10,000 and his team was in the top 5 raising over $35,000. In connection to doing that event, Mark Mahl also spent 3 years as an Edmonton Oilers Copper Jacket, providing aid to the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation. In that volunteer role, he dealt with 29 other season ticket holders on a $500,000 Christmas Bureau luncheon, selling tickets and acquiring auction objects. Mark Mahl also participated in the Oilers Ice School, where elementary children would meet with Mark in his lunch hour, asking him questions regarding his job, favorite Oiler, and hockey.

Mark Mahl also has particpated and introduced the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation into his work place, and has participated together with his family in the JDRF & MS Edmonton Walks.

In 2011, Mark Mahl gone to live in Vancouver, BC where he quickly signed for the Ride to Conquer Cancer, as both his parents had Cancer. Mark’s dad Bruno Mahl just lately passed away from Lung Cancer. Mark went into activity, organizing a fund raising evening that raised $16,000 in one evening at the Coast Restaurant. From there, mark partnered together with his buddy Olivier Bureau, whos father passed from cancer of the lung years before, to complete another event at the Market restaurant by Jean George in the Shangri-La hotel. There each of them raised over $4000, taking Mark’s endeavours close to $20,000. In 2012, Mark Mahl is participating in the Vancouver Rush, boosting resources to fight lung Disease.

Mark Mahl is usually willing to sign on and pass that interest onto others. While he was an Athletic Director in Edmonton, he required most of his groups to select a charitable organisation and support them twice yearly. In the words” I wanted them to understand how good these young people actually have it, regardless of whether they are struggling in practice, games or studying for exams, there are actually others in this word that would enjoyably have those challenges! ”

Mark Mahl enjoys the great outdoors and is very energetic. Since shifting to Vancouver he’s loved several activities like, climbing, hiking, Kayaking, rollerblading and usually enjoying what the town of Vancouver provides. Mark Mahl also trained volleyball for 20 years at the senior high school, club, and college levels, where his devotion to the younger generation carried over from his days being a instructor. At this time several of his main concentration his mother, brother and neices. Experiencing a relatively healthy life-style, continuously raising recognition and funds for that Rick Hansen Institute, and performing his part!